Our Fur-Family

My husband and I are loving parents to our two pittie pups: Jax and Payton. Jax is the black pit and lab mix, and Payton is the brindle and white pit terrier - we rescued both of them. They seriously rule our world (well, we try not to let them always "rule" per say, but our world definitely does revolve around them). We literally love them to pieces and treat them like our children (because let's be honest, they are). So as we wait to grow our family and hopefully have some children with two legs (instead of four paws) one day, we will continue to love these little monsters with all our hearts... 

So here's their official debut on "Still Waiting For A Bun..." because they may just end up in a few random posts here and there, as their antics are always keeping us on our toes and laughing... (a much needed distraction through the craziness of infertility)

Our "Son-Dogs" or "The Boys" as we call them :)

"Hi mom!"..."We get to be on your blog!"

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