Thursday, January 19, 2017

Is Today Like Easter?

Here we are, the day of my egg retrieval (ER)surgery, and as I sit here at 5:30am, preparing to leave the house soon, I can't help but have the random the thought, "Is today like Easter?"

I mean, Dr. M is going to go around inside my ovaries looking for and scooping up as many eggs as possible?  That's pretty much what little kids do on Easter, right? Go around and collect eggs (not the "inside my ovaries" part)?


Come on, I need to still be able to find some humor in all of this... so this is my attempt.

At least I made myself laugh (well, more like chuckle) this morning. And being in good spirits before going into the ER has to be worth something, right? I think so.

At this point, I'm ready to have these eggs out of me... all 30+ of them (yup, that many... remember, I hyper-stimmed, blah). So, I'm pretty bloated, uncomfortable, and it hurts to just sit down sometimes, and also trying to be very careful not to inadvertently do something to accidentally twist an ovary (called ovarian torsion).

So, we're about to be off... and get this Easter party started...


  1. OMG, what a crazy turn in your last two posts! I hope everything goes smoothly for you today! Word to the wise after retrieval- constipation is really common. I thought I could ride it out, but ended up regretting not taking the medication they told me I could, sooner. It was something you mixed into a glass of water... Colace? something...

    Try not to be tooooo disappointed that you can't do the fresh transfer right away. My fresh didn't take and some of my commenters pointed out that FETs are sometimes more successful because the freezing and thawing process sort of 'weeds out' any embryos that aren't up to the task. Maybe it's just a comment designed to make us feel better, but it made sense to me!
    Best of luck for recovery, I'm hoping for no OHSS complications!! <3
    -unplanned infertility

  2. I know right, it's been such a crazy ride, so we just gotta keep going and keeping trusting! And thanks so much for your advice on constipation. They didn't mention anything to me specifically, but I will definitely keep that in mind and may even check back with the office tomorrow on that.

    I've also worked to come to terms with having to freeze everything and do a FET. I've also heard that they can be more successful as well, especially since it gives your body a chance to reset and come back from all the crazy hormones and meds., and the retrieval - so we're hoping this is actually a blessing in disguise. At this point, I'm just anxious to find out our fertilization report tomorrow, so I will definitely have to do an update post. As always, thanks for your support dear, and again, I'm sooo incredibly happy for your current journey and look forward to following in your footsteps, hopefully soon ;)

  3. I hope this is a blessing in disguise for you! In a way a FET kinda takes the pressure off, don't you think? Can't wait to hear how the rest progresses! Hope you are doing well and comfortable!

  4. Yes that's very true, I think it did help take the pressure off of everything, which has definitely been a good thing! And yes, I'm feeling much better now, but did have a rough couple of days which were no fun :( Thanks so much!!e