Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Post Where I Can't Think of a Catchy Title

So I apologize for the little hiatus in blogging over the past couple of weeks - - but now for a much needed update.

Let's see, where did we leave off? Oh yea, I had just found out I was given the green light for IUI #3 after doing a round of injectables, and basically over-stimming.

So I had the IUI, and no major issues there. It was pretty routine. However, shortly after the IUI (like literally, as we were going out to breakfast immediately after), I started having some fairly intense cramping. I mean, it was tolerable, but definitely nothing that I experienced after my last two IUIs - not even close.

The cramping was followed by some spotting and both lasted on and off for the next several days. Again, I hadn't really experienced much of either of these after my previous two IUIs, but I guess every cycle's different... In a way, I was just hoping that the "something different" this time around would lead to a different outcome.

As usual, I went in about a week later for follow up blood and ultra sound... and my ovaries were still super enlarged. About the size of tennis balls they said, which was a little unusual since they should have started shrinking back to normal after the meds., but still nothing too major to worry about.

The next step was getting through the rest of the TWW until my beta blood test.

The morning of the test, I started spotting...

In the back of my mind I knew that it wasn't good, but I still tried to hold out hope and tell myself, "Maybe it's implantation bleeding?" Especially since I was still on the progesterone inserts, and in past experiences it's taken about 2 days or so after stopping those to actually get my period.

By the time I had left Dr. M's office after having my blood drawn and made it to the restaurant where the hubs and I were going out to breakfast (notice the pattern here, ha), I full out had my period.


I swear we thought this cycle was going to be it. I just had a feeling... But then again, I also kind of just had a feeling that it wouldn't be this cycle (I just kept trying to push that feeling away and focus on the other one).

Anyways, it was the usual ride of emotion through the disappointment. Through the anger, Through the shock. And then it was back in for baseline blood and ultra sound to start round two on the injectables.

I am not giving up...

Later that afternoon I received the call from my nurse with the results and what I had presumed would be the ok to start the next round of injections... and ready for the kicker?!

Two HUGE cysts on my right ovary!! Arggg!

Cycle canceled.

And that's where we are folks... Waiting for monster cysts to shrink, while I apparently take a couple (unasked for) weeks to enjoy the occasional cup of coffee or glass of wine.

I'm still not giving up though... Not now, not ever. I will continue to fight for you and wait for you little bun, until you are ready to come join us.


  1. Aww, sorry there was no good news to report. I love the last paragraph of your post though :)

    1. Thanks so much! :) And yes, just gotta do what I can to try and stay positive and never give up the fight!

  2. So disappointing, I'm sorry. Enjoy a few glasses of wine while you wait. And I agree, don't give up! -Unplanned Infertility

    1. Yes, definitely just taking a couple weeks to enjoy a few glasses of wine and trying to look at and take advantage of at least "the bright side" of all of this :)